Sharing our knowledge

The University of Leeds hosted this year’s UK Preterm Birth Conference,  on 7-8 September. The annual gathering unites those working in research, both clinically and lab-based, and offers a platform to share best practice, knowledge and insight.

This year, our Founder chaired a session jam-packed with presentations surrounding myometrial function. One of our PhD students, Dr. Priya Sivarajasingam, delivered two presentations following a competitive abstract submission process.


Priya explains, “This year’s conference was full of exceptional presentations that helped to showcase the pioneering research taking place nationwide. It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, share ideas and discover potential collaborations. I am fortunate enough to be at a stage in my PhD where I have insight to share and I enjoyed delivering my findings to an audience of budding researchers.”

As a team, our researchers have focused heavily on myometrial function, Priya’s work compliments this by looking at the decidua, the part of the myometrium in contact with the placenta. Her two presentations focused on the varying types of immune cells found in the decidual region and how their profiles change in the lead up to labour

Over 100 delegates attended and enjoyed a stellar line of up keynote speakers and presentations. The conference was a fantastic platform for vital researchers to collaborate.

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